Work Rules!

This is from a guy at Google. Having just read a book “The Circle” by Dave Eggars (which is of course NOT about Google) – then I say – “take what you want and leave the rest”. There are some useful pointers here for managers – I especially like the bit on motivation – can you find it? Best Bruce

I found this on Medium – supposedly the replacement for WordPress

Actually – it is, although “a lot in your face”, quite good.  I wouldn’t take all the 19 as a “Must do” – and I certainly don’t agree with the “loudness” of the whole thing. However it does, in it’s way, contain some basic truths.

I must congratulate ANYONE who has read the Bhagavad Gita – which I have somewhere – but every time I pick it up to read it I put it down again not long after, boring, boring, boring. Nothing there for me I am afraid.

The complete and logical guide to winning at your own life in 19 super difficult steps — Some stuff I wrote one time. — Medium.



brogue – Word of The Day

Is there such a thing as coincidence?

I was just talking to another English teacher today about my new Brogue shoes that I bought from Marks & Spencers online shop (they have a sale on and offer free delivery for over 30 euros to Germany 🙂 ) and lo and behold it happens to be the word of the day at



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