Frankfurt Main Station – Platform 104 (S-Bahn

I had the unfortunate expereince of catching a train from this platform on Monday. I had forgotton the stink of sewerage down there.

Now – as scientists have proven – given that smells are particulate – that means that I was breathing in (as was everyone else) someones else’s shit and piss – excuse the French 🙂

When will they fix this problem – I have expereinced it at other S-Bahn Stations – I think Taunus Anlage is one.

Post your reports here!!!!

One thought on “Frankfurt Main Station – Platform 104 (S-Bahn

  1. Now I can comment on all the articles, thank you very much! So I say it again: you are absolutely right, the stench is sitting down there for weeks and there is no sign that the situation will change any time soon.

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