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It is not the teaching - it is the learning.


The world is full of good teachers - but in learning something, what comes into play is how do you - the student - learn? How do you overcome your doubts, your fears, how can you feel or generate confidence?


Feel positive whilst you are learning and practicing your new skills.

Using a mixture of NLP techniques and tried and tested language learning methodologies you can

achieve your goals and communicate naturally, effectively and freely in English. No matter what your current level, no matter how long you have been learning or how often you have tried - now you can achieve your goals and experience success in your life.

Your future is only a phone call away.

Don't forget - if you carry on doing the things you have always done - you will carry on getting what you have always got.

Together we can!

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With my unique teaching methods I will show you how to:

Gain confidence,

Feel sure of yourself   and

Radiate calm - even in the most difficult of situations. Take the drudgery and fear out of learning   English.

... The best English teacher we have ever had

 Financial  investment industry Frankfurt

....Angenehm, ....Kurzweilig... Mir die Bedenken des Englisch-Sprechens genommen.

Marketing Manager Travel Industry

......Even if I'm not motivated, he always succeeds in motivating me!

Executive personal assistant