Google cars and ever been caught speeding???

Well I know we are all good, law abiding citizens. And we all stick to the speed limits – don’t we?

OK – I admit – that, on occasion, against my will and certainly not intentionally, the vehicle I have been driving – or rather has been driving me, may have, unintentionally, indiscreetly and sadly – travelled at a velocity above that permitted on the road on which I was travelling.

It sure is hard to stick to a 60 MPH limit when it is the middle of the night and no other traffic on the road. It sure is hard when I am desperate to get to the nearest toilet. It sure is hard when I am under stress to get to my next appointment. It sure is hard when the machine in which I am sitting has this thing called an accelerator – which allows me to go faster…

And don’t we all like to go faster?

When we arrive somewhere – especially a long journey – isn’t about the first thing that the people we are visiting ask – how was the journey? How long did it take you?


So I welcome the new Google car – automatic driving – someone else in control – no longer responsible for any accelerators, no longer worried about how long the journey will take – and no longer worried about radar traps or sleeping policemen, or pedestrian crossings – I can just snooze or read and get out as stress free as I go in (or on).

What do you think?





M25 speed demon clocked doing 149mph prompts warning to drivers | UK news |

Wind changes

A good expressions that can mean – major changes in the company or business or market prospects. But this time I mean the wind is changing.

I flew back from the UK last Monday – and the flight was very blustery. I spoke to someone who flew to Budapest last Thursday – and their flight was very blustery.

For the last two weeks when I have been riding my motorcycle – including today – I have noticed that the wind is very blustery.

What is all this blustery?  I am suspicious.