Wind changes

A good expressions that can mean – major changes in the company or business or market prospects. But this time I mean the wind is changing.

I flew back from the UK last Monday – and the flight was very blustery. I spoke to someone who flew to Budapest last Thursday – and their flight was very blustery.

For the last two weeks when I have been riding my motorcycle – including today – I have noticed that the wind is very blustery.

What is all this blustery?  I am suspicious.



Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World January 2014

If you are interested (as I am) in statistics from around the world – you might like this slide show.

Basically it shows how many people there are around the world,and how they have access to electronic media like internet, smartphones etc.

What is really interesting is the number of smartphones or mobile phones there are in certain places. Check it out – you may be amazed.

Best and a Happy New Year.


Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World January 2014.