Catch Up


Well, its been a while and we have a war in Ukraine, continuing Covid problems and an economy that is still threatening to collapse at any minute. Sound familiar?

The world is going to hell?

Or is it?

Well it might help to disconnect form the continual brain washing media and realise how good most of us have it. We have food in our bellies, a car in the garage and money in the bank.

If all we ever think about is bad news then that is all we willl end up believeing exists. If we spend at least some time away from the TV, the radio and the internet then we might allow a little “sunshine” to enter our lives in the form of gratitude for all the stuff that is OK in the world. And as the Stoic philosophers say – look at what we can change and not at what we can’t.

Take time out to smell the flowers, feel the breeze (or the rain or the wind), touch someone you love and tell them that you love them.

Look for the positive and not the negative.

As Abraham Lincoln said “Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


Is this the week of the 69 ers dying off? I am starting to dislike this week very much. Now Alan Rickman.One of my favourite parts he played was the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. He was so dastardly!!!! (OK that is stolen from the cartoon series Whack Races with Dick Dastardly).I will never forget when Marvin the depressed robot (Hitchhikers Guide (or was it Restaurant at the end of the Galaxy) for which he brilliantly did the voice said when he was left for eternity as a car park attendant “The first 10,000 years were the worst” RIP Alan.The top 10 movie performances of Alan Rickman

Source: The top 10 movie performances of Alan Rickman

Legendary Artist David Bowie Dies at 69

David Bowie has died after a battle with cancer, his representative confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Source: Legendary Artist David Bowie Dies at 69

I have just been transferring those albums of his that I like the most (Space Oddity, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and the Man who sold the world to MP3 files on my smartphone. I remember seeing him in Norwich, Norfolk (where I am from) – way back when – in his outrageous costumes (or so we all thought).

An artist.