US government gives finger to FOIA Snowden request – Best

Well this is reasonably interesting – especially the language used.


I read that David Cameron – our Public Schoolboy educated prime minister – also has recently stated that there should be no form of communication that the government should NOT be able to read.

Now I know the argument that “If you have got nothing to hide – then you should have nothing to fear” – but how about my love sick longing for the girl next door? How about me expressing my most private fears or doubts or imaginings to my best friend?

I have a feeling this reaches into the areas of shame. There is a healthy shame and an unhealthy one. If I am Embarrassed – it is because I am walking around with a “bare-ass” -and this is a healthy shame. But if I am shamed for who or what I am – then this is not healthy.

Because the next question I have to ask is – OK – but can I trust the government to always have my best interests at heart? And, I am sorry to say, I cannot say this.

So NO I do not think the government should be able, under its own cognisance, to read all my communications. I think it should have to get – at a minimum – a court order with full disclosure of the reason and the proof or evidence that they have as to why I am “a person of interest”-

Nuff said.



US government gives finger to FOIA Snowden request – Best

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