Hey people – in Germany it is the time to go out and collect hazelnuts. There are loads out there.

Pretty soon, in fact they have already started, the walnuts will be falling – and then the Chestnuts.

I guess it is just a nutty time of year.


P.S. If you stop eating pre-packaged nuts – peanuts – dry roasted nuts etc – and only eat those that you crack from a shell you will not put on weight!!!



A common topic at this time of the year here in Germany – especially regarding apples and other fruits. I have been know to avail myself of the odd apple or two – but not from a harvested tree. There is one tree I know that is a cooking apple tree – and it has never been harvested in the 10 years I have lived here in Kronberg. There is another cox apple tree – that likewise has never been harvested – and yet again a pear tree – that has never been harvested. And I take pick-ups – i.e. fruit that has fallen off the tree.

I also collect nuts (yes – I am a hunter gatherer ūüôā )

However Рtoday whilst cycling between Niederhöchstadt and Steinbach I witnessed a man walking with his female partner with child buggy Рgo, not once, but twice into a field and take sweetcorns Рstripping off the leaves and giving them to the woman who put them quickly into the child buggy. EVEN as I cycled past Рhe did not even pretend to hide what he was doing. I I looked him straight in the eyes as I cycled past and he looked straight back Рno shame at all..

Further on I witnessed another couple and the woman had a potato in her hand.. I had observed her going into the potato field and as I cycled on there was one plant pulled up with potatoes strewn around.

Unbelievable – – literally – daylight robbery.


Dead fish

Hi all РI was out on the  bicycle this afternoon and, cycling alongside a small stream in Niederhöchstadt, was astounded to see hundreds of dead fish Рfrom the very small  2 or 3 cm long to the quite large Р20 cm long. They were about 100 of them Рsmall babies and larger adults.  

 I felt really sad Рsuch a sight was not something I am used to seeing РI believe they were rainbow trout Рsilver fish with a line of pink/red circles running along their bodies. It was so sad.

I asked some locals who lived there – and they hadn’t even noticed.

Was this a case of lack of oxygen as the back dried up? Or perhaps something more sinister – somebody dumping stuff in the river that they shouldn’t?


Who can tell me?


Wind changes

A good expressions that can mean – major changes in the company or business or market prospects. But this time I mean the wind is changing.

I flew back from the UK last Monday – and the flight was very blustery. I spoke to someone who flew to Budapest last Thursday – and their flight was very blustery.

For the last two weeks when I have been riding my motorcycle – including today – I have noticed that the wind is very blustery.

What is all this blustery?  I am suspicious.