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Is there such a thing as coincidence?

I was just talking to another English teacher today about my new Brogue shoes that I bought from Marks & Spencers online shop (they have a sale on and offer free delivery for over 30 euros to Germany 🙂 ) and lo and behold it happens to be the word of the day at



brogue – Word of The Day |

BBC faces multimillion-pound bill from Jeremy Clarkson suspension | Media | The Guardian


Well He does seems to keep popping up in the news headlines – doesn’t he?

The show is a bit boring, they do some stupid things – but its no worse than the other junk that is loved on TV –  so why get up tight about it?



BBC faces multimillion-pound bill from Jeremy Clarkson suspension | Media | The Guardian.

Bruce Cason – Now I like Christmas – and I love getting Christmas…

Now I like Christmas – and I love getting Christmas cards – you know, those things that arrive in your letterbox in an envelope – with a pretty stamp on it from one of the not so far flung corners or the world.

Well – I think you get my drift. Well anyway :- not only do I like them – but I send out a whole load very year to my aunts and uncles (those that haven’t been collected by the grim reaper yet) and all my cousins – much to their annoyance I am sure – ’cause then they ‘have’ to send one to me!!!!!!

Compound nouns

One of my studetns ccame up with this quiz entry for a compound noun. It was so good I just had to put it on the blog.

Thanks Bianca!!!!

It’s a vegetable which has a relationship with a piece of furniture. It’ s big and lazy. It has not enough fresh air and it is usually alone. Typically it lives in the ground and not in the middle of a lot of pillows….



(scroll down)


Did you get it ????








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welll, well ???????????????????????????????…





It’s a “Couch Potato”!!!!!!!!!!!


Student Input – interpret a photo – what would you write????


Thee are two great stories submitted by two students (Thanks Katrin and Michelle 🙂 )

Story 1

 Mick had a dream

Once there was a young boy named Mick. He finished school and then thought about what he could do with his life. During these considerations he fell asleep. He began to dream of his future…

First he dreamed that he was a drummer in a famous band named Smokie and was married a pretty woman. They lived in a small village and had three children…

He turned side to side restlessly.

Then he dreamed of being a bass guitar player in a band that made pop music. He stood in the back of the stage and so he only had a few female fans with whom he could do lewd things.

Suddenly his dream changed into a big hall where Mick stood behind a microphone and sang for his life.  Everywhere he saw crazy girls that cried


And soon he switched to a desolate bar where he played guitar and keyboard for some old and lonely men that drank beer and whisky. Every evening he went home alone where his cats waited for him…

Completely covered in sweat Mick awoke and decided to become the singer of the band “The Rolling Stones”. 

Story 2.The Rolling Stones

Charlie Watts the drummer from the Rolling Stones has been married to his wife Shirley since 1964.

Keith Richard a guitar player from the Rolling Stones has children with two women, the photo model Anita Pallenberg and with the photo model Patti Hansen.

Mike Jagger the vocalist from the Rolling Stones has seven children with four women. He is a womaniser and has had a lot of affairs.

Bill Wymann the bass player from the Rolling Stones till 1993 published his first solo album in 1974.

 Ian “Stu” Stewart was a Scottish keyboardist and co-founder of the Rolling Stones. I don’t know, if he was a cat lover or not.