Well – would you trust an Airbus?????

Hi fans – almost happy new year.

For those who find the loss of aircraft this last year (S) somewhat disturbing,  I post the following comments.

1. I would rather fly on a Jumbo jet – four engines means plenty of back up – also did you know that the Jumbo can glide – something that almost none of the modern aircraft can do.

2. If you hear about an aircraft crash nowadays – which name do you hear most often? – Seems to me (and I could be wrong) that it is Airbus.

3. Would you trust a pane that was designed and built by the French working with the Germans working with the Italians working with the Spanish working with the British? – me neither!!!!

4. Up to now I like flying Ryan air Рbecause they have a fleet of Boeing 737-800 planes Рone of the safest on the planet.  Someone told me yesterday that they were going to buy some Airbuses. Really? ;-(

Check out this link before you book your next flight – p.

Fear of Flying – Research – SOAR.

Game of Thrones

The Official Website for the HBO Series Game of Thrones | Season 4.

It is Christmas – and the worst news I have had all year has arived. I have seen the latest Game of Thrones episode.

I am devastated – I have become so hooked on this program that it literally is why I come home in the evenings (welll ¬†not every evening ūüôā )

It is such a great story Рgreat scenery, great prop great  computer aided graphics great acting Рgreat accents РI just love it.

Are you a fan yet?

Check it out.



Bruce Cason – Now I like Christmas – and I love getting Christmas…

Now I like Christmas – and I love getting Christmas cards – you know, those things that arrive in your letterbox in an envelope – with a pretty stamp on it from one of the not so far flung corners or the world.

Well – I think you get my drift. Well anyway :- not only do I like them – but I send out a whole load very year to my aunts and uncles (those that haven’t been collected by the grim reaper yet) and all my cousins – much to their annoyance I am sure – ’cause then they ‘have’ to send one to me!!!!!!