BBC faces multimillion-pound bill from Jeremy Clarkson suspension | Media | The Guardian


Well He does seems to keep popping up in the news headlines – doesn’t he?

The show is a bit boring, they do some stupid things – but its no worse than the other junk that is loved on TV –  so why get up tight about it?



BBC faces multimillion-pound bill from Jeremy Clarkson suspension | Media | The Guardian.


I drove to Kronberg South yesterday morning – there was some snow on the road and it was icy – not a single snow plough in sight and no salt spreaders had been about.

The weather forecast predicted terrible conditions – with even more snow.

The result was lain to see as by 2.00 pm – when next I sallied forth – there was a thick snow covering on the road – again – not a snow plough or salt spreader in sight.

This morning I drove to Oberursel – again – no salt spreaders or ploughs in sight.

On the way back at 10:30 – I saw two of them and the 661 was clear.

Now can someone tell me why it took the authorities that long to get doing their job? Would the deaths on the A3 car park or those on the A45 have happened if they had been out salting on Monday morning – when there was copious amounts of ice and snow already buiding up?

Are these people deaf – or blind?

What on earth is going on here?


Frankfurt taxi drivers

Do these people actually have driver’s licences?

Do they EVER follow the laws of driving?

O.K. Before I go on I want to tip my hat to the few drivers who are gentlemen of the road – I have met a few – although I think they are a dying breed.

On Friday I was driving down the A5 toward the Frnakfurter Kreutz junction. I am on cruise and it is set to 99 KMPH – in a 100 KMPH zone.

Cars are merging in from the right from the A638 junction – so I indicate and move into the middle lane to allow them to join freely.

One taxi however is not content to just joint the inside lane – he keeps moving out, without indicating, into my path forcing me to swerve into the outside lane – where a taxi that was follwing him to join the A5 – has swept behind me and was then overtaking (of course taxis are not restricted to 100 kmph and with big powerful Mercedes can accelerate at full power) . So he got upset that I was forced into his path.

Both of them then proceeded to box me in and break sharply in front of me – not once – but three times. I guess they wanted to teach me that whenever I saw a taxi I should run for cover and realise that they OWN the road.

I was forced to pull in behind an articulated truck for protection.

Taxi drivers – go to hell!!!!

Number Plates Rip Off

Bad Homburg Zulassungstelle must have an arrangement with the people who make number plates.
I was told to get my new plates made across the road and then come back to have the stickers put on them.
So I went in and asked them to make them ———–it took 3 minutes —— 38 Euros.
Online you can get them made, including postage – for €17.99 – and that by a TÜV approved site.
Rip off .

Why didn’t they recommend the INternet as an alternative?

A5 3D Radar traps???? (Blitzer)

The bastards – now they can measure your speed, the distance from the car in front and no doubt how many buttons on your flies are open!!!
I SAY – STOP IT!!! No distance fines/prosecutions until they insist that cars are fitted with automatic distance readouts!!!!!! How the F**K am I supposed to calculate acording to my speed how far behind the car in front I am? And when they cut in front of me??? No chance.

Name and Shame?

I was riding my motorbike into Frankfurt yesterday evening on the A66 at around 8 pm. I was doing about 100 Kmph and behind a nice, big,  expensive new model BMW, doing about the same.

He suddenly slowed down for no reason I could see – so I pulled into the middle lane (there are three lanes there) – and started to overtake him. Imagine my surprise as I glanced left – to see he was holding a dictation machine in his right hand and with his left he was holding an open folder on his lap. I can only assume that he was steering with his knees.

He was a well dressed, executive business or politician between  55 and 65 years old. He probably earns over €150,000 p.a. – and he obviously has a car office. I looked in the back but couldn’t see a portable secretary or coffe machine – but5 perhaps that was hidden somewhere else.

I have his registration number – it was an HG one. Am I allowed to show his whole number?  He ignored my remonstrations that he should be driving and not talking memos – and sped off.

Ahh what arrogance money breeds. 🙁

Would you like to post your own versions here – people driving doing their makeup using the rear view mirror? Mobile phone – organising the children on the back seat (yes, I have seen that)?  Post your thoughts here.